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Am I stuck in a rerun?

circlesReruns – past shows of epic proportions are now found on wannabe channels looking to hold onto the viewership of the past.  Reruns are so yesterday….literally.  It’s the same episodes with the same characters, same lines, same jokes, same controversy, and of course, the same outcomes.  After you’ve watched them a few times there is no mystery, nothing to laugh at, and nothing to be excited about.  Maybe you’ve felt like this about your life….it’s always the same old, same old.

Being that we are just days away from a new year, maybe many people should be considering how this year can be new, or at least different from last year.  It’s easy to keep living year after year with very little variation in our lives.  People become discontent with their families, jobs, and even themselves when their life seems to lack anything new or fresh, and each day is the same.  It’s as if they repeat the same day over and over again like a rerun.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says this…..’Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!’

I think there are those who struggle with the rerun life because they lack this newness in Christ.  See, when a person submits their life to Christ, repents of sin, receives His forgiveness, and then begins living the pattern Jesus displayed there’s a newness which comes on them.  There’s a new way of thinking and understanding, new guidance (the Bible), new director (Jesus), a new script (how they speak)…..and I’m sure you’re getting this by now that there’s a newness to this life.

It’s impossible to live as we were before Christ and expect the benefits of living for Christ.  Ephesians 5:15 tells us to be careful how we live –not us unwise, but as wise.  The reason a person’s life is the same year after year is because they continue doing what they’ve always done in the old life.  We all should know that nothing old can do anything new or even produce anything new in us.

Are you tired of celebrating a new year but never seeing anything new in your life?  Nothing changes?  Join us beginning this Sunday as we start our new study….Escaping the Rerun life.