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The Happiest Place on Earth…

Our lives seem so rushed, busy and full of activity.  Maybe you feel like you never have a moment to yourself because it seems like there is always something which needs your attention: work, spouse, kids, bills, a relative’s failing health.  You never get a break.  If I were to ask if you have peace, you may say, “What’s that?!?”

What does it take for you to have peace?  Maybe you need to go to your happy place; a place where you can rest, clear your mind, get away from the commotion of life and then you’ll have peace.  Everyone has a different definition for this place….maybe it is getting your nails done, taking a walk through the woods, reading a book in solitude, spending time with a loved one, or locking yourself in the bathroom.  These examples really area  means of escape, and we think if we can escape people and situations then we will have peace.  Peace is not escapism.  If we envision peace only in a certain set of circumstances then we limit its availability and influence.

To be honest, most people think peace is conditional on their circumstances.  We think, “If I don’t get my morning cup of coffee, I’m going to have an irritable day.”  Really?  Is peace found in a cup, a relationship, or the perfect situation?  This is why we lack genuine peace: because we think of a perfect scenario where peace can thrive, and if we don’t experience our scenario then peace is illusive.


Psalm 34:14 tells us to “seek peace and pursue it.”  Of course, I believe peace can only be found in our God, but there’s another powerful principle of peace: If you lack peace in an area of your life, you need introduce peace into that place.  For instance, you are anxious about the future.  The more you dwell on what you fear, the less peace you have.  How can you have peace when there is so much uncertainty?  By looking to the future with confidence in God, rather than fear.  When you have confidence in Him, you will have peace.  Your trust in Him allows peace to re-enter your life, even though your situation has not changed.  When you know God is in control, you’ll have peace no matter what uncertainties you’re facing.  If you have a heated argument with someone, you’ve lost peace.  To regain peace, you’ll have to bring it back into the relationship by being a peacemaker.  Try offering an apology, forgive the other person, or even lower your voice – now you’ve given peace the opportunity to invade the situation rather than discord and anger.

Peace doesn’t just come to your life, you have to make a choice to pursue it, and God is the giver of peace.  If you trust in Him, you will have peace, but something we forget is this: If we will obey His Word, we will have peace.

The happiest place on earth isn’t a destination.  It is a place of confidence in God to experience His peace, and then to be an extension of that peace through our actions and words towards others.  When you begin to trust God and trust Him enough to do as He says, you may be pleasantly surprised where you begin to find peace – probably in the most unlikely of places.